Aikido: my real wife!

23 02 2011

It is quite funny that I had not posted yet a post wrote so long ago and.. so funny, so real about me and.. my Aikido life!!

I was in Cologne, in 2007 for a great Christian Tissier sensei seminar. I had started not so long before the relationship with a Chinese girl in Norway that after a succession of events, good and bad, lead me to.. China!

The thoughts that I had in 2007 had been confirmed in all in 2008, more or less in the same period and exactly for the same reasons! Amazing how I had seen perfectly right after few weeks into that relationship, but then I became blind again (as many other man) when of course she dropped her clothes in front of me (as many other women do for helping many men to forget reason.. always successfully!! Oh, we are so easy!).

Anyway, no more regrets, I had good and bad stuff.. definitively no regrets about Aikido now: all my choices were right for that!

Of course I set the date for the real one, the moment I thought/wrote it, and you can find it here!! So true!! 😀



One response

23 02 2012

Well, women sometimes love doing that to us men don’t they? Hehe


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