Aikido seminar in Shanghai

25 02 2011

New Aikido weekend in Shanghai, this time with (thank god) a seminar as well: 中尾先生, Nakao sensei(6.dan)and 明子先生, Akiko sensei (5.dan) from SeibuKan in Kobe. Only 2 sessions (typical seminar over here) but great anyway for me!

My condition has been rocketing downward with the CNY holidays and the quite intensive work of after the holidays: very little movement, and no practice, not even TaiJi in a very long time. Long hours at work are a bad hit to my motivations to get a 40 minutes bus to the center to practice TaiJi out in a park (quite cold these days!!) and then other 40 minutes/1 hour bus home.. if I did not miss the last one, then a faster but more expensive taxi tour!

Last time in Shanghai though I had a good time at practice, even if I felt so tired extremely fast. Even if my body lost condition, my mind is still focused on Aikido. March I know it will be a better month for this, with for sure one weekend in shanghai and one in Hangzhou. And some little home project that will be finalized 😉

Besides practice, there will be some time to visit nice places and meeting again good friends in Shanghai. That is probably the positive side of the “only” 2 sessions practice schedule. Unfortunately in my earlier life i could have used these kind of seminars, when I had 7 days per week of Aikido and therefore a chance to enjoy also the cities where I traveled to. In my new life, I would need the intensive Aikido weekends in Trondheim, for example, or Stockholm or Vienna.. or anywhere.. 🙂 When it’s intensive weekend it is unfortunately not such a good teacher.. uhm.. me! I get long practice hours only in Hangzhou when I teach. Next times though there will be also another friend teaching there. At least one teacher out of 2 is in a good physical condition, can speak both Chinese and English and is a serious person. Yeah, my friend of course! 🙂

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – This very same weekend there is a very large seminar in Hong Kong where I had thought to go for some little time, before the semester/year working plan came out and I realized it would have been extremely difficult (impossible) to get some free days for the trip. True HK is quite close and I could have gone there for only the 2 days of practice, but since I have never been there before it would have been a little waste. Of both time and money! This is not Norway with 5 weeks holidays and overtime working hours usable for time off.. Here I have 5 days paid holidays per year and overtime is .. like normal working hours, except in when you work evenings you get a dinner box, like the lunch box.



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