From Dortmund to Shanghai!

4 03 2011

Aikido weekend in Shanghai

Amazing funny meeting at Nakao sensei seminar in Shanghai: Lydia, who actually lives for the next 3 months in Hangzhou, is coming from Dortmund in Germany where she practices Aikido in Achim dojo!!!

We start chatting and I asked her which sensei his teacher (that I did not understand the name at once) was following: Endo and Shimizu sensei!!! Then my little antennas got up, and I checked the name again: of course I knew Achim!!! (first on the right in the picture below)

relaxing time

I used to meet Achim at Endo and Shimizu sensei seminars in Vienna, and having always an amazing time practicing with him! I think he is one of the best European student of these two sensei and it is always amazing practicing with him. He his fluent as tori and uke, giving always great feelings I think to every of his partners, whatever level they are!

Soon Shimizu sensei is going to visit again Europe, ViennaDornbirnDortmund, and I will miss a lot practicing with Achim, Otto and Margit (in the picture below with sensei)..

Margit & Shimizu sensei

2009 seminar:
Shimizu sensei in Vienna



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5 03 2011
Steven Zuckerborg

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