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7 03 2011

Aikido at JūshinkanLast week I got an extremely nice comment on my blog, written by a friend from Stavanger that used to practice in the same dojo, Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido. I cannot find a better picture of Thomas Andre’, but he is the first on the right and this was one of his first “real” seminars in our dojo! For real I mean with an invited instructor from abroad 😉 Now he spent some good time both in Japan (learning Japanese and practicing Aikido) and at Vestoppland Folkehøgskole (for a full time Aikido immersion!) and his Aikido career has develop a long way!

These words are from a philosophy teacher of him:

Most things in life change, I’ve been in love many times, relationships come and go, but the one love that always been there for me has been the comforting and protective love for and from martial arts.

O`sensei statueJūshinkan calligraphy

After I moved to China I had to reduce my Aikido practice from 7 days per week to.. almost zero.. or lately 2 weekends per month. Quite a hit on my mind (and do not mention my body!!). Saying I dream about Aikido is too little. I also asked my closest Aikido friends to not share too much of their seminars life with me, not because I am not interested, quite the opposite. They understood how much I suffer for not practicing anymore as much as before.

Aikido has never been a hobby for me. Especially the past 5-6 years it became more important than anything else.

Then I made a search on flickr of the Stavanger Aikido pictures, and.. a feeling of tears came to my eyes.. Just going through the pages there is so much about Aikido, my development but not only, about the people I met, both on and off the tatami, about situation, about parties, about joyful moments, about sweating practicing and facing my limits..

IMG_1305 Bob experiencing problems.. DSC07771 Aikido at Jūshinkan IMG_1249

For many different reasons I came to dislike, almost hate Stavanger and felt the urgency, the need to leave the place. I felt I could not live there anymore. But now, looking at 4 years of Aikido moments in Stavanger, my heart sank in my chest. I am an emotional person, the people close to me knows that very well. And watching at my pictures (far from being all the pictures I took there) I really miss those people and those moments.

Aikido at Jūshinkan
IMG_1315Aikido at Jūshinkan Aikido at JūshinkanIMG_1314 DSC07765

I came now to China, I do not know when and where I am going next. But I have always known my Aikido life will not end, not here, not now!

home dojoSmall steps, one after the other, and now I got a few mats at home, and some motivations for stretching, rolling, and walking shikko or sitting in seiza 🙂
Thanks to Shanghai and Hangzhou, I have two places where I can practice, even teaching from time to time (in Hangzhou). The first attempt to start something here failed: at Hefei college, the nearby University, they have a yoga room with mats.. PanLei helped me to check the availability of using the room ,organizing activity Aikido for the students.. but the time is too limited. Yoga teacher seems to use the room every day and after 20:30 it is not possible to practice there. I also checked at a nearby compound where there is a sport center, but for now it is only for the residents.

At least I am trying to do something. And this is the first step.

In a way, after 15 years of Aikido experiences, I feel I am missing out a chance to make new friends in a Chinese Aikido life in Hefei: I have seen how easily I managed again to establish connection with new people in Shanghai and Hangzhou, thanks to the Aikido spirit. Hefei is a place in full development, for business, industry, universities.. several aspects of normal life.. so why not Aikido as well?

Motivation are rising again.. let’s see if I get some luck!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – I am struggling to get train tickets for my monthly trip to Hangzhou this coming weekend: one thing Hefei still sucks big time is the train system organization! It is not funny, again, having no idea why the travel agency for train tickets say all the possible tickets are sold out, both straight to Hangzhou and via Shanghai.. I will check after work with a colleague: for this one needs full Chinese communication abilities!



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9 03 2011

I feel honored 🙂
Don’t know what more to say !! 🙂


9 03 2011

The honor is mine!!


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