Questionable marketing lines!

10 03 2011

Quite funny day: I am preparing my visiting plan for a large work exhibition that will take place in Shanghai next, SEMICon China 2011. Per se, not a funny thing.. but we are supposed to prepare in advance a visit plan, checking some company of interest from the exhibitor list, and sometimes when clicking (especially on Chinese or Asian companies) one does not get many information about the company field but “marketing lines” of doubt effect, like (I’m saying the sin, not the sinner name!!):

If we can’t be your supplier must be your good partner.

Un***, always tell truth.

Welcome to our booth.You will have a great surprise.

Let’s make goint effonts,thus creat brighter future.

Dr. Temperature for Laboratories.

Thanks for giving us chance to attend at the SEMICON CHINA

Still about funny things for today, but very different topic, have a look at the picture below:
tiny & cheap
The 1RMB coin is only for giving a dimension reference (it is more or less as big as a 10NOK or 2EUR coin, much lower value though!). The tiny fruit is the Chinese version of mango (芒果, máng guǒ)! Typical at lunch starting from this period. And I have just discovered China is the second world producer of mango!!!

Also the passport pictures, that I needed for residence permit application, I got them in a shop inside one of the dorm of a nearby university: 10 pictures for.. 8RMB!! Just as a reminder, in value: 1 RMB = 1 NOK = 1/8 EUR = 1/6 $, all circa..

Not bad, uhm?



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