Hangzhou Hangzhou Hangzhou!

12 03 2011

Yes, correct, a new Aikido weekend in Hangzhou!

Hangzhou - West LakeMidnight train from Hefei, meaning early morning Saturday in Hangzhou and planned a walk to West lake, 西湖, to see it, hopefully, with good weather. Forecast for the weekend are toward warm weather (as it is in Hefei as well these days) but cloudy and maybe rainy eventually. I would like for once though to see West lake with great weather! Just for a change.. 🙂 Not that the weather is always bad when I am in Hangzhou, quite the opposite, but every time I have been at the lake, the weather was gloomy indeed! And since when I start combining my visits to Aikido practice, the free time, especially on Sundays became more a relaxing time, not as a tourist, getting up early and get out.. but more seminar kind of time: relax and rest the body before a full day of ukemi and practice! I know myself and my condition.

Of course I have 2 months now in order to improve the latter, before the trip to Kyoto! And there I must dedicate some time to tourist stuff as well, being my first time in Kyoto!!

Back to China and to Hangzhou weekend, this will be a quite intensive with 4 sessions on 2 days. Good to check how fast I get tired!! O dead!! 😛