No stop!

14 03 2011

Just got back from Hangzhou this morning, got a call when I was on the taxi back home.. and since I did not recognize the number I do not answer a call at 6:40am!!

Then I found out it was one of the managers calling around because a black out in the company had killed all the instruments, and today we will receive visit even by government..

No big problem, once back at work I did the start-up of the systems I work on. But I had to go home since this afternoon around 5pm I will leave to Shanghai, for work.. for three days..

So, in the home stop-by I unpacked the bag from the weekend practice in Hangzhou, repacked for 1-2 possible session of Aikido in Shanghai (both Shanghai dojo and new West dojo started by my 2 friends Ulrich and Didier, and supported by the official Shanghai dojo!!). Together with that I had to pack some official nice clothes: even if I will go with several other engineers to a very interesting technical meeting, the company is more interested to use my laowai face at our booth.. A bit sad for me, since there are several interesting companies I would love to visit.

The Aikido weekend went really well… 4 sessions on 2 days both as "student" and as teacher. I am quite tired today! Body aching even more after a quite effective and powerful massage, feet especially but also for the rest of the body. Time to prepare the next visit, maybe 2 in April since I have been also invited to Vicky and Michael’s wedding ceremony in Hangzhou. My first Chinese wedding! 🙂



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