Laowai? No place for you!

20 03 2011

New experience in China!!

Last week in Hangzhou I was turned down at the check in by 2 hotels!!! And I had been several times before in the first one, and checked in together with Chinese friends in the second one!!

The first hotel is a typical Chinese one, from the chain called Hanting, that I personally like very much. I was several times in Shanghai and in Hangzhou in this hotel’s chain. No problem ever, until Saturday!

First, when I went alone to the hotel, they told me there were problems, made me understand they could not find my reservation (all in Chinese), so I called my Chinese friends and after they talked to them, they told me that I could not stay there since I was a foreigner. When my friends came to meet me at the hotel, then the hotel management came out with an interesting excuse: the PC system had a problem and could not register a foreign passport!!

Quite.. weird.. at the least.. even because my Chinese friend offered to register the room at his name! But still not possible!

So we went to another hotel, quite close. My friend went in to talk:  yes, they had space.. but no, no foreigners allowed!!

This time though we got a better explanation: due to the revolutions in Libya and Egypt  before, some students and other people even in China had organized some protests similar to the jasmine  movement in Middle East. So if the government had caught news from usually universities sources that something was planned for a certain day, it then tries to avoid foreigners staying in th big cities during these special dates.. concerned about the influence they can have on the locals..

Eventually we found a larger hotel that did not really cared where the money paying for the room was coming from.. but it was kind of weird. I know that every day around the world because of racism many people are blocked from taking a room in a hotel, or board a plane or enter a restaurant or a bus.. Still this was probably the first time I have experienced it in person.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Maybe the hotel people thought I was a revolutionary coming from the Middle East even if I might look slightly different, but during my CNY holidays in Bengbu a taxi driver had actually asked my friend if I was from.. Pakistan! Year, I clearly look like one from Pakistan!!! 🙂



2 responses

20 03 2011

Lol…poor man…
You don’t look mideast…not at all
You are typical hot Italian…^^


22 03 2011

Nope, you look Italian, maybe even Norwegian 😉

It is kind of scary that things like that can happen…


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