21 03 2011

Lofoten 2000 - filtered.. but not published :-(

For some time the people involved in the organization of brochures for FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2011 in Oslo let me believe that one of my best pictures ever (Lofoten 2000 – above) was going to be published in one of flyers distributed during the event, the so called “Eat Norway“..

You can notice in the brochure what picture was chosen instead of mine (first on the right, almost same topic).. and I have no troubles saying that my picture is much better!! But I am not Norwegian! And especially not from the seafood council!!! The council probably sponsoring the brochure..

Anyway, these days I am used to discrimination for not belonging 😉

Words from the past

21 03 2011

In a Sunday of relax and blog/pictures dedicated, before a week that will require some (if not much) overtime, I posted some wrap ups from the past:

..that follow what I had already posted, about 2007 and 2006 of words 🙂

I miss quite a lot a good library with a large English book section.. but I admit I got several eBooks on my iPhone that are still to be started! 🙂