Listen to the truth!

22 03 2011

I have been asked by my family in Italy if, since I live in China, I hear more realistic and.. real news about Japan. The wife of a colleague and good friend is Japanese, living in Nagoya right now, so yes, I can say I have first hand news.

But I also read what international newspapers report and last week I was side by side to my friend when he received the news from another Chinese friend that the radioactive cloud was moving to Philippines!!

This latter one was a fake sms that spread in Asia sent from a not so clear source that several Chinese but not only received..

About the real news, or better, the wrong ones, I think we must all thank squeeze-box press and this extremely interesting blog entry:


Read it!! And yes, the blabbering category is for the journalist that too often write just for writing.. just for selling.. just for shouting and getting attention.. not really caring what really happens.. or just not understanding!



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