Western spring!

22 03 2011

Official beginning of spring, not only Chinese spring, but the same as the rest of the world!! 🙂

beginning of springAnd yesterday, right on time, was also the official start of the bad season, with rain and cold! So much cold that during the night I had my hands almost frozen while I was writing posts for the blog!
Apparently only the very first spring day is supposed to be.. terrible, as it was (about 70mm of rain in a couple of days!)! The weather forecast for the week are for cloudy but not too rainy. Of course the previous days had spoiled us, with even a top temperature already close to 30 degrees Celsius! The main difference for the next days is a substantial drop of the minimum temperature, even reaching again the zero degrees for the cold hours on the night.

And this morning, walking to the shuttle bus stop, the sun was finally breaking the monotonic cloudy sky, and bringing both warmth and better feelings.. at least for the morning.. before spending another full day in the yellow lights of the windowless clean room. Every time getting out one wonders what weather to expect! 🙂

beginning of spring
beginning of spring beginning of spring



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