Practice in Shanghai

24 03 2011

Thanks to an interesting participation to SEMICON exhibition in Shanghai, last week, I had a chance to do 3 things I do far too little:

  1. Wear my super special cool stylish suit (not “dress“.. på Norsk 😉 )
  2. Practice 2 week nights Aikido: once in Shanghai International dojo and once in the very new Xijiao Shanghai Aikido dojo, in West Shanghai, started by my dear friends Ulrich and Didier!
  3. Eat a wonderful Italian style pizza!!!

2 Aikido session over 3 short days in Shanghai.. several hours on subway for moving around.. totally worth it!!

Exhibition in ShanghaiEven the exhibition was interesting, in some ways.. Besides huge halls about semiconductor industry and PCB industry, there was also one with normal home appliances, and I happen to walking past one stand exactly when they had a sort of model show for their.. refrigerators and air conditioners.. These are just 2 examples (one from the West and one from the East, for balance):

Models in Haier stand Models in Haier stand

Second night in Shanghai, I managed to join the Aikido practice at Shanghai main dojo: really nice session under the guide of Masako-san, with a first hour more beginner oriented (but Masako threw me around quite well in one exercise.. enough to kill me!!) and the second hour working on the preparation of an Aikido enbukai for the 9 years celebration of the dojo. Since some people were missing, I had a possibility to participate to an Aikido “threesome”, or better called futarigake, 2 attackers in randori style (free attack).. The detail that my 2 partners were girls (one of which is just amazing! I love practice with her!!) makes the .. Aikido threesome more funny.. to write about! They both kicked my a$$.. as usual these days!!

The last night in the “city” I then went to visit the new Xijiao Aikido dojo, whose opening ceremony had taken place a few days before with lovely results:

collage opening

The dojo is located in the same compound where Ulrich lives, and besides the delicious French bakery, now, from the same brilliant business mind of the French bakery owner, there is an Italian pizza shop!! After practice I had finally a chance to try the pizza there and it was great!!!

super good Italian pizza super good Italian pizza super good Italian pizza

Before the pizza(s) we had a nice practice: Ulrich, Terence, Didier and me.. 4 black belts.. quite a change for me!! They were so nice to let me teach, so finally I could work for 1.5 hour session on the shomenuchi different entrances according to Endo sensei teaching, and getting good feelings. Something impossible with low grades.. or completely beginners like in Hefei!!!

I hope to have a chance to visit these guys again.. but they practice only in weekdays.. I have to wait to move to Shanghai, maybe Shanghai West for that then 😉



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24 03 2011

Oh yeah!!! 😉


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