Lazy and unlucky

28 03 2011

A Sunday when I have been a really lazy person: from the plan to go in the morning to buy some plants for my apartment and then in the afternoon go out for some jogging, I ended up doing some translation in the morning.. and keep watching movies in the afternoon, enjoying a relaxing day.. without moving much farther than my bedroom..

So today after a normal day at work, meaning finally no required jia ban 加班, overtime, I came home with good intentions: get some sport clothes on and go out for a short but necessary run. Just before that, better unload some.. lunch.. and then it’s when I discovered that except the toilet water, all the rest was.. closed!!!

And it still is.. almost at 9pm.. so no chances  for shower after jogging.. so, good intentions down the drain, with the little last water left..

At least I could enjoy a great sunset (pictures not edited!)..




One response

29 03 2011

To be lazy is a nice thing.
It is really suffered when u want to be lazy and you cant.


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