Google teleport!

1 04 2011

Google blocked in China???

Quite the opposite!!

We are so far advanced in the future, that google has introduced a teleport function, new super release today, for surfing not only through the net but for a full journey through time and space:

Google Teleport - the future is here

..and the translation of the Chinese teleport…

Thanks dear friends!

1 04 2011

A very positive month this March, with really a lot of visits! 2,625 in total for a daily average of about 85 clicks to the blog.. Best month since August 2009!!!

Thanks a lot you all for spending time clicking on my link and hopefully fast reading my posts!!

Yesterday after ages I logged into Facebook via an internet vpn, but it had the bad features that it was adding commercial when just blinking and watching a page and it was not possible to leave comments, change status or interact in any way..

A pity, I miss my friends there.. and most of the visits I get still come from FB friends.. so I thank them here 😉

I’ll get soon another vpn because my first proved to be a full scam, but these days I got extra problem at home, since I do not have internet access.. I was not used to that anymore.. 😦

Time goes by, and I do not want to lose good contacts……

4 years ago in Stavanger...Time: 1 year ago today I left Norway after 14 years: no April fool’s, even if I am sure somebody thought of that when I told me I was moving to China right the 1st of April!.. 1 year ago today I left the last place in Stavanger where I lived 4 years and boarded a quite long flight that brought me, after stopover in Beijing, to a new life.. And I am so happy that several old friends and then new ones are still following my blog and my reading my sometimes (often) silly words..

One year ago today it was the time I started looking at new scenarios for my life, a new step into the unknown that could have ended fast after.. or keep going, as it is now..

And today I saw a great picture from an extremely good friend of mine, Valentina, who just joined Flickr, that represents very much my feelings, now and  then:

Nuove Prospettive

The title is great: it’s interesting that the word “prospettive” can be translated as either perspective, to put into perspective, all things considered, as well as prospective, what the prospects are, what the future may hold.

So the title is “New perspective/prospective“, and it is right.. every day.. every step of one’s life.. everywhere in the world..