1 year in China

2 04 2011

Talking about milestones, uhm?

What were the odds to get 2 days before leaving Norway to China a fortune cookie saying it was better not taking unnecessary gamble??? 🙂

Fortune cookie - 30.03.2010

Quite happy I took this gamble though!

The 6 months anniversary fell on the National holidays week, and lucky me, also the 1 year arrives close to a holiday period: Tuesday will be 清明节, Qingming festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day. Because of the festivity then we work on Saturday but we will have free Sunday to Tuesday, days that I will spend in Shanghai, practicing Aikido again in the 2 dojo there!!

April 2, 2010:

coffee yeah! where i live now..

..something linking me to what I left behind (Italian coffee machine and South Park cup) and something for the new present (the stone with the name of the compound where I live: 南艳湾, Nán yàn wān)..

CNY in Anqing

Snow, yeah!

No, it's not Oslo!

Yes, I did managed one year, not an easy one for some aspects, not a bad one for several others. One year of discovering, new friendships, new trips, new frustrations, new understanding and new understatements! 🙂 And so many funny things happened!

super good Italian pizza Sunset

Many things happened in 1 year, even if I still do not speak any Chinese (more Chinese than when I arrived, still zero if talking about real communication skills!). And most of these things have found their way to this blog! In fact I have been extremely active here since April 2010, and I am far from having consumed all the words I want to write!! Still so many things to tell and so many new to try!

I arrived in Hefei April, 2nd 2010, late afternoon.. sunny but a little cold.. especially inside the apartment, exactly like these days. The temperature in the past week has been a little crazy, very warm like these past days but the forecast for the weekend are much worse. Typical when holidays come!! 😉

Perfetto Perfetto

Tonight I am going to celebrate the anniversary eating with a few of the local friends at my favorite restaurant in Hefei: Perfetto. A little bit of Italy in my Chinese experience! Funny that only one of these friends is a foreigner, but I have realized not long ago that I prefer to hang out with locals 😉 Not so weird for the people that know me!

Of course is not all easy, of course I miss something (read especially Aikido ) and several friends..

..but I am more than happy and excited to see what the second year in China will bring me, because there are still so many things I haven’t seen and done! And also I have strong hopes to receive visit by some of the friends I left in Europe, even knowing that the way is long!



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