Qing Ming festival

5 04 2011

Last year I had just arrived in China and the day of 清明节, Qingming festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, Monday April 5th, I did not know anything about the festivity and about Hefei.. but I was starting looking around.. from my windows especially:

building in construction

The compound in construction, side by side to the one where I live, is now finished and the amount of people living inside increasing every day.. and I do not live anymore in the apartment from where I took this picture (my company has several apartments in the compound 南艳湾, Nán yàn wān, where I live)

What appears very different now is the construction past that one, a completely new compound that is supposed to be amazing nice.. at least from the project pictures! Saturday morning, gloomy, cloudy morning, I took the picture below: you can see the row of cranes in the far left side and the several unfinished buildings that pop up in 1 year..

New construction

But today I am in Shanghai: no tomb sweeping for me, but Aikido memories sweeping, old time Aikido holidays type and some extra fun with 2 friends of Hefei in Shanghai as well.. for party! My party, as usual, is Aikido party.. but I can have some extras 😉