6 04 2011

3 days in Shanghai thanks to the Qing Ming Jie holidays, 3 days that I could use to do 3 important things, things I cannot do very often otherwise: Aikido, reading & ice cream!

The first two are something I strongly miss from my past years in Norway: in Hefei I have not managed yet to create any Aikido environment, even if I had one session at a local university.

The reading also was a hobby that in Norway I always managed to actively “practice”, since every city where I lived had good libraries with very rich English book sessions. And I always had lots of bus-train-subway-flight time to kill. But moving to China, I lost this chance to get for free good books, and also, using mainly night trains, I have much less time to read when I move around in China.. or I use the time for sleeping 😉

So, the first 2 activities of these holidays are very much linked to what I extremely miss from Norway. the third, eating Italian real ice cream, is something I can enjoy every time I visit Le Creme Milano gelateria in Shanghai! 🙂 Usually I do not have much time in my trips there, but this time, with almost 3 full days, I had a chance to pay a visit to both the shops, in Shanxi Nan Lu and Fumin Lu. And have a good time with the guys working in both places, real Italian great people! And, of course, eat tons of ice cream!! 😉

Then in the other free time, when I did not practice these activities I walked quite a lot, I meet friends, I had a great time with them and I enjoyed good music and chats.. and I took pictures!

But I do not have internet at home these days (expired contract.. one month too early.. if lucky I’ll go tomorrow with a friend to check the situation at the office) so the pictures will come tomorrow.. with more words about these 3 days in Shanghai as well!