1 year as Chinese worker!

7 04 2011

After celebrating 1 year of life in China, I have also reached the anniversary of 1 year at work in a Chinese company, celebrated as usual by an email from the HR to all the people in the company..

I must add that my working year was actually falling yesterday, but the HR maybe forgot it.. 😦

Anyway, the very formal email is here 🙂 (I made my family name an omissis, it appears already too often on web searches, not always wanted!!)

公司产品研发处资深工程师Mr. Andrea R****进入公司工作已满一周年的时间。在这一周年的时间里,Mr. Andrea R****克服生活习惯和语言上的困难,工作兢兢业业,不断追求技术创新和突破,为公司的发展做出了突出的贡献。

在此向在公司工作满一周年的Mr. Andrea R****表示诚挚的敬意和深深的感谢!


In short, the meaning is that I overcame the language and traditions differences and worked hard for the company.. hoping I will still do that in the future..

..starting from a conference call meeting tomorrow evening, 9pm (!!) in order to be able to talk with a supplier with engineers in Europe and US..


7 04 2011

Quite funny!! An Italian man, Davide, who currently lives in China since 5 years ago, left a nice comment on my blog and then when we exchanged emails he told me he got the address of my blog from a nomination page for something quite nice: a world ranking of nominated blogs about Exchange & Experience 2011.

As Davide’s blog, itariajin, apparently also mine was nominated in the first list of blogs that after collecting votes ended up in the interesting ranking:

Top 100 International Exchange & Experience Blogs 2011

..but Davide at least has been reminded by these people to post a button for voting.. while nobody told me anything!!!!

Now in fact I cannot find traces of my appearance.. if any.. 😦

What a pity…….. a bit sad I did not have a chance to get some votes..

But at least I have been nominated by some nice guy out there.. thanks!!

Also this Lexiophiles project is extremely interesting.. and also the related blog.