Crazy about Aikido!

9 04 2011

Yes, me, who else!!

Not the first time I hear that.. probably though the first time in China!

Sunday I will be in Hangzhou for a full day practice: leaving Hefei Saturday night by night train, getting there around 8am and I will leave in the evening of the same day around 23:45 with another night train, back to Hefei..

After 3 sessions in Shanghai at the beginning of the week, I want to use at best also the weekend: I had a possible day of work scheduled, so after checking the availability of my friends in Hangzhou, I decided to go there anyway for Sunday only. At least here in Hangzhou I know I can practice several hours, make it worth a one day trip.

Also if I am lucky we will have a good foot massage on Sunday evening, before my second night train before heading home. I am pretty sure Monday night I’ll sleep like a tired baby, hoping in no overtime 😉

The plan is a 3 sessions in the day, starting slow in the morning with especially ukemi exercises for warming up the body and refreshing the basics of falling technique. Then work more on Aikido basics, from kokyu ho point of view, trying to set up a logic path for building more complex techniques during the day, with probably kaiten nage applications toward the end, and hopefully some jiyu waza.

As usual I plan more than what I can actually do.. even if I always practice longer than the agreed time!!

I hope only that the people that join will enjoy practice!