10 04 2011

It sounds like a rifle name, but it is not! Quite the opposite!! M50 creative garden is an extremely interesting area in Shanghai, dedicated to art in general and street art, all around it, especially one long and gorgeous wall along Moganshan road.

M50 creative garden - ShanghaiI had already visited the place in 2009 after suggestion of Echo, another MSN friend I met at that time, and being free in Shanghai for most of the day on Monday 4th April, I decided to go there again.. and Echo was free to join, together with some friends of hers.. Usually when I go to Shanghai I have time only for Aikido. I really enjoyed doing other things as well during Qing Ming holidays.

M50 and the graffiti street are like a cut off oasis from a jungle of really high buildings, and still with some green around, thanks also to the little river banks. My friend told me that it is actually a nice area to live in, both thanks to the green and not too crazy rent prices, respect to many other areas in Shanghai! Visually, from the graffiti and even stencils point of view, it is definitely a great place! Also the first place where I found some stencils, in honor of my best friend Vitto 😉

M50 creative garden - Shanghai M50 creative garden - Shanghai
M50 creative garden - Shanghai M50 creative garden - Shanghai

With this kind of background and foreground, different photographers can let their imagination go wild, for very different kind of modeling:

where is my model?

which was my model???