11 04 2011

After a super great Sunday of practice in Hangzhou, a wonderful dinner and a great time in the KTV with the Aikido friends, I got to the station (thanks Jolin!!) and to the train for my trip back home..

Hard sleeper as usual.. and as only once before one of the other guys sleeping there had the worst and nosiest snoring ever!!!!

It was amazing, in such a bad way that I wanted to scream in agony! I had forgotten my wax-ear-plugs, but with such snoring they would have been useless anyway.. so I put on my headphones and turned the volume to the max in my iPhone music player and put repetition on Iron Maiden‘s old album Killers!!

My biggest fear was that my iPhone batteries would not survive all the trip and then I would have been forced to go and sit somewhere to not hear.. but it didn’t!!!

killer snoring!

Today during hte lunch break I looked for some Iron Maiden videos and found this amazing interpretation of Murders In The Rue Morgue with Bruce Dickinson at the voice and this much older “Phantom of the Opera” and more original with still Paul Di’Anno..



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