Real Italian ice cream in Shanghai!

11 04 2011

During the Qing Ming Jie holidays I had again the great chance to enjoy lots of great Italian ice cream in the shops that Le Creme Milano has already opened in Shanghai, both the first one in Shanxi Nan Lu 434 and the new one in Fumin Lu 173.

Italian ice cream @ Le Creme Milano

Ice cream is among the Italian real products that I have always missed, both in Norway before and now in China. Already when visiting home from Norway, usually during Christmas holidays, I was always going straight to my favorite ice cream shop in order to enjoy again the real ice cream. Differently from famous ice cream brands, like some Americans famous over the world, the Italian real ice cream is identified by the nation, not by a single brand. And for me, nothing is better than our ice cream!! 😉

Furthermore, what I always found in the Shanghai Le Creme shop, since my first visit in 2009, was an extremely enjoyable environment. Probably because the owners are really Italian people and now in both shops the people working there are either Italian as well, or Italian speaking or just very nice people! 🙂

mastri gelatai @ Le Creme Milano

Le Creme Milano - 2009

Qing Ming jie in Shanghai

Modeling around ice cream - 2011

The Fumin Lu shop is actually going to celebrate the official opening this week:

Italian ice cream @ Le Creme Milano

If you are in Shanghai and you enjoy real Italian ice cream, then you should visit the opening week of a really great place: Le Creme Milano ice cream shop in Fumin Lu 173, cross Julu Lu, in Jing’an!




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