Sunday in Hangzhou

15 04 2011

Sunday April 10th, I went to Hangzhou for practice Aikido. I went there with night train on Saturday and come back to Hefei with night train on Sunday night: 2 night trains, one day visit, “just” for practice.. someone can think I am really crazy about Aikido.. does someone need more proof?? Still?? 😉

Not the first crazy thing I do for Aikido, not the last, especially in an already out of the (Chinese) ordinary week where I managed to practice 3 days in Shanghai. So, why not get also a 4th one in Hangzhou? Balance!! 🙂

4 practice sessions in one week.. a dream of Norwegian times!! 🙂

But I realized that this post can be actually split in 2: one more about the Aikido, a more technical post, and here about the rest of the nice weekend.

Because as usual in Hangzhou we had great food after practice: the response of people at practice had been really good and most also shared the rest of the evening with me.

special Sunday in Hangzhou special Sunday in Hangzhou

For the first time in Hangzhou, after the dinner we went all together to KTV and I discovered how good also these Chinese friends are when singing. While enjoying that I also played the typical dice (drinking) game, that I became quite good at.. ok, fairly good, being a foreigner and a target for many waitresses or friends, hoping to make me drink a lot!! I’ll write in the close future about this game!!

special Sunday in Hangzhou special Sunday in Hangzhou special Sunday in Hangzhou special Sunday in Hangzhou

Newlywed Michael and Vicky, with a sort of “let’s get married” funny song:

Ham and Vicky:

Michael solo:



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