Aikido in Hangzhou: technical part!

16 04 2011

Sunday April 10th I was in Hangzhou for practice and had a great time also when not practicing. For the fun off mats go to this link, for the fun on the mats, keep reading!

This is a more technical post only for the people interested in what I have been practicing and some of my comments. Probably boring for a few not-Aikido related people, and a few Aikido related as well!!

Especially since I am a bad low dan graded person that does not get enough practice anymore from his teachers…. so I might have got all wrong, again!! 😛

So Sunday I proposed a very full day in Hangzhou: got a train from Hefei just before 2 am, Sunday morning. Got in Hangzhou around 8:30 am and started Aikido at 11:30 am after some good breakfast first at a little Chinese bakery then at Starbucks for real coffee: my mistake had been not knowing Starbucks opens at 7 am! No more this mistake!! Read the rest of this entry »