Spring weather

19 04 2011

Very nice Sunday of complete relax enjoying the weather, the free day, good food, good company. A very nice combination, indeed.

So after getting up quite early for being a Sunday I felt enough motivated to go jogging. The rush of energy, especially after a very good shower, was a great kick for the whole day! In truth, this morning I do feel some pain in the muscles!! But, even short, it was the first run for 2011! Better starting slow, knowing my body is not in such a great condition (and this coming weekend I’ll be in Hangzhou again for Aikido.. and a wedding ceremony!).

black & whiteLunch time I met 潘蕾 at MingZhu square: first a tasty hot pot and then we went out to enjoy the sun in the little park, sleeping on the grass.. Me, with my super white skin, I always try to get some tan, Chinese women on the other hand do usually all they can to keep the skin in the shadow.. a pity, since I really like the color that Chinese skin takes in the sun!! The tanned Asian is lovely!! On the other hand, my normal skin color is of a disgusting white, while the more normal Chinese skin color is already much darker, lovely dark, as you can notice here on the side 😉

But then, late afternoon, when 潘蕾 went back to university to study, I took my way to the center, going to Benjiamin 15, usually cocktail bar, but before 6pm a very relaxing book-cafe’.. and I set on reading, both a book and then my Chinese grammar. The book is a Norwegian translation of the work of a Chinese writer, impossible to find in China though.. Erik left it to me after his last visit in Shanghai.. It is an interesting travel around China, performed by the writer, Ma Jian, 马建, during the late ’80s. The title is Red Dust (红尘). And it is a good way for not forgetting Norwegian and at the same time read about places it could be extremely interesting to visit. The Chinese grammar was not equally interesting, but just another proof that I forget the little Chinese I know much faster than I learn anything new.. 😦

When the evening arrived, I got a chance to meet another friend in what used to be my favorite bar in Hefei: Madison bar. I still like the place, even if after my dear friend Melody moved to Australia, I have been there much less. Melody, as the name perfectly says, was the singer over there.. with a wonderful voice! There are still singers in Madison, I must say that they are good as well, but with Melody started a good friendship too..

At Madison

He got 9!!

Anyway, at the price of 100 yuan for 8 bottles of Chinese beers, Madison is still a good place to meet friends and play some of the “terrible” dice drinking games, and one of the funniest and completely based on chance is 7-8-9.. It is not my favorite among the Chinese dice games, but certainly one of those where you think the least.. just roll the dice and hope to not drink!! 🙂

I was quite lucky and I did not suffer any headache or worse the day after!!

Definitely a good Sunday!



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