Italian photo contest

20 04 2011

My very good friend Valentina, fresh of flickr, has already given me a wonderful link full of ideas and motivations, both for pushing myself to improve again in my passion for photography and for just keep on taking pics! And share them.. and maybe get some good/funny comments..

And at the same time enjoy the work of other people!

The site is called Fotocontest and presents open and free photography contests where people vote for each others after posting a picture. Some contests are team ones, so I hope I will share this experience with some other friends as well.

I have decided to try to post a picture for every free contest available.. starting from one about the telephone (that closes today). I do not have much about this topic, besides 2 ok pictures:

Silvia is born!!!!!! Back to normality!

Being the first picture I post, I decided to keep on the funny side (yes, one can explain something about the picture) and went to the NO one.. right side 🙂

Spam stats

20 04 2011

What a pity!

These days I experienced to have a lot of traffic on my site but I could not understand why, until today reading first about a security breach that WordPress and then about spam referrers.

In fact some of the URL that apparently clicked on my blog were very fake or weird, but I was surprised the super efficient anti-spam filter that WordPress uses, Akismet, was not blocking these clicks.

The pity is that the traffic stats are clearly wrong now: even if I am not too concerned in the clicks my blog gets, I am also curious to see it.. and it makes me proud too 🙂

Writing better posts, more interesting and see if I manage to reach some minimum clicks every month or year.. a good motivation, even if it has a minimum part in the reasons I write a blog..

But but, from today the click should be return to normality.

It is the second time my blog experiences something so abnormal to mess up the mediocre stats. This time the results will not be crazy though, but earlier it happened that a day in July 2008 I had more than 2000 clicks, and July 08 month counted more than 8000 views.. completely abnormal!! the reason were actually 2 Japanese beauties: Miwa Asao and Riyo Mori!! 🙂

Asao Miwa, 浅尾美和

Asao Miwa, 浅尾美和

riyo mori 森理世 pics

Riyo Mori, 森理世