Happy Easter everybody!!!

24 04 2011

Since I moved to China I lost track of Western holidays or celebrations, except the very big ones and somewhat felt (usually for business reasons) also here in China, like Christmas and 31st December Western New Year.

So I admit that when I was in Shanghai for the 3 days of Qing Ming festivity and I had breakfast in a Dutch bakery, I was quite surprised to see many chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits.. they did remind me of something, but it took a few seconds remembering that in April there is Easter!!

Of course I remember the Catholic meaning of the celebration, that personally I always liked, even more than the Christmas service. I always thought the Easter service was so much better, so much more full of passion and emotions respect to Christmas, especially in the church that has represented a lot for my youth and growing. But in my years in Norway, Easter lost (as many other aspects of my life) its religious meaning to become a long holidays! In Norway holidays go from Thursday before Easter to the Monday after Easter day, included. And if one had enough holidays, it is quite common to take the whole week off work, especially for traveling to some warm place.. or some good Aikido seminars 🙂 (my holidays in Norwegian time!)

Now, in China time, thanks to the visit to Shanghai and more Western shops, I bought some commercial Easter tokens.

Today I am in Hangzhou for both Aikido and another special occasion: yesterday it was Vicky and Michael wedding ceremony. My first wedding in China!! And what best way to celebrate good Aikido friends if not with.. Aikido? So we have also a weekend of practice.

Chinese tradition for wedding presents is a red envelope with money inside. Since giving only money is quite weird for me, I got also 2 USB, one for each, and filled them with some Aikido & Japanese martial arts instruction videos and movies. Since both Vicky & Michael practice Aikido and enjoy martial arts, I think they will like the present!

In conclusion, a warm happy Easter to everybody from my past, of which I miss both the taste and the company, both from the adult friends and the babies of that wonderful Easter 2007!

marzipan easter rabbits