Start of a new week!

3 05 2011

3 days of holidays just passed, 3 days that I spent in Hefei, mostly at home, doing not that much. Since the 1st of May was on Sunday in China it is common to get an extra free day, that combined with Saturday it makes a 3 days holidays.

I was planning to use this holiday to travel a little around in Anhui province, but my possible travel companions got stuck either at work or at school, so I gave up. I used the free time to clean and tide up a little at home and even to come at work, for some reading. And some night life in Hefei, even if less than I wanted.. I am probably getting too old for three consecutive days of “party” 🙂

I had an ok time with some other friends that stayed in Hefei, I had a great dinner with Yuming’s cousin family. Too much food in three days. Too little practice (once only jogging). Too much drink, in one night.. of too different stuff (baijiu, wine and then beer, too cold beer!!)..

Too many “too”s 🙂

But now a short week started, and it will end with a night train to Hangzhou, where I will practice some good Aikido and again join another instructor for the weekend.

The weather also changed yesterday: big jump down from over 30 degrees of end of April to about 20 now, and rain/cloudy weather. For the next days the weather should remain variable and cloudy but the temperature should increase again a little. Not bad!

Maybe I’m, a little masochist, but I look forward to the summer. You can hold this against me when I will die because of the heat and humidity!!



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