Is that really Friday?

6 05 2011

Short week that passed too fast.

First time ever I complain about a short week maybe, but I was completely out of phase all the week. Always lagging, thinking the day was wrong, a bit alienated to what happens around me.

No, I am not testing good psychedelic drugs or start drinking heavily local baijiu.. 😉 It has been a far too relaxing week, with almost zero extra work-home activities.. except for a brief tour to the local larger supermarket in order to find the flat kind of batteries typical of watches or.. random number generator for logging into my bank!! Let’s just say that in China they make USB version of it, not necessitating an external battery.. Apparently Norway has still to learn from the rest of the world..

Anyway, apart from this, I’ve been a lazy @$$..

Tonight I must remember though to pack my stuff and go to the train station since I got an early Saturday train to Hangzhou for a good Aiki-weekend.

My mind has been a little flying around, fluctuating around different thoughts, both about my life here in Hefei, my 1st year in China, what to do in the close future and how to prepare at best my even closer future trip to Japan (June – Kyoto). All these thoughts got wrapped up and I admit I see confusion at all levels! So better that from next week I’ll take step by step from the closest in time (Kyoto – but, yeah, don’t worry, I got the flight ticket!!) to my ideas/thoughts about what to do in 1year, when the contract with this company in Hefei will be over..

..and don’t worry, I have not forgotten about packing for Hangzhou trip! 😉



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