First times

17 05 2011

Again posting by email because again problems connecting in WordPress from China. Suddenly one day some internet connection error came out: a first search seemed to report to some Chrome problems with anti-virus systems. But then I got the same problem from every internet browser program, with and without anti-virus..

So, I am still alive and kicking and I wanted to write about last week, when I had quite a few of new experiences, funny ones and just great ones:

* I tried a bath + sauna in Hefei. A not too bad experience (even if when I went there with Yuming it was too early and we started the sauna!) that becomes great when considering the price: 39 yuan for a maximum stay of .. 18 hours!!!!

* I went to Suzhou for work: first time in that city and definitively interested to go back, without work, just to enjoy the several parks!

* first time after 1 year in China, I did squat! Yes.. I am talking about the so challenging Chinese toilet that I deeply hate! But when the emergency came…..

* in Shanghai, I ate snake! And it was really really good!!!

* I practiced in Shanghai with Yoshinobu Irie shihan, 6th dan from hombu dojo in Tokyo: WOW!!! Best seminar maybe in the past 1 year and half!! Yes, Endo sensei seminars included!!! Irie sensei, very young and energetic man, has an Aikido that reminded me at once Yasuno sensei (even if he practices often with Endo sensei as well). I think that contributed to my personal enjoyment! Together with the fact that soon i’ll go to Kyoto for both Tissier sensei and Yasuno sensei!! Quite happy that also some friends from Hangzhou dojo were allowed to participate the seminar..

I hope I will fix this other problem soon and be able to write much more about Aikido and not only!




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