Aikido acceleration

18 05 2011

Today I finally completed the booking of the trip in Japan: got the flights to and from Shanghai and also reserved my accommodation in Kyoto, even if I have not yet received a confirmation (!).

The place is not too close to the practice center, but the pictures on the net seemed very nice, it is more old Japanese style, with common room dormitory (new set earplugs for me!) and.. quite cheap! That was actually the first choice parameter, together to the distance from the practice area!

But this is not the only Aikido part of the day: I have also decided to join Irie sensei seminar in Beijing! Finally, too, back to Beijing, even if I will not have time to visit again the places I loved..

It was a chance I could not miss, even if it is only 3 days before my trip to Kyoto, but today, 3 days after Shanghai seminar I feel quite good physically, so I hope I will be able to recover 🙂

Also my Aikido activity has been so little in China that I jumped at the chance to go to this seminar. Unfortunately over here it is not possible to sleep in the dojo, so it will be more expensive than my trips in Europe. But then considering the lack of activity on the mats, it is just ok!



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