Happy birthday, dear Karsten!!!

23 05 2011

I know, I know… 6 days too late!!! 😦

It was 17th of May, I thought about you and of course about Norwegian birthday…

I was actually going to post the same picture I posted last time.. good I checked 🙂

So this time I do put Karsten’s pictures, but with the loves of his life!

DSC09246 P1040149
national day



3 responses

23 05 2011

Ciao, Karsten e Simona! Tanti auguri anche da parte mia! 🙂


24 05 2011

Thanks, dude. Don’t worry – we know you are with us – This weekend I trained with Sverre, Audun(!) and Jaqueline at the Orban-camp. Can’t do that without feeling your presence on the mat as well – despite the distance to China 🙂


25 05 2011
Jacqueline von Arb

As Karsten says, you were indeed in our thoughts last weekend! Besides, you were looking down at us from the group picture on the wall, and believe it or not, from this year’s Moelv poster also!
Karsten got his fair bit of being thrown around – on your behalf as well!


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