28 05 2011

Almost once per week we experienced a full blackout at work: a complete cut of the electricity supply concerning not only the office building but all the other lab as well, clean rooms and mechanical facilities.

The previous weeks usually it was happening around the closing of the working day, unexpected and unannounced, until it came an explanation from the city government: in the area where my company is located there is too much power usage, therefore the electricity was cut off. Yes, just like that!

Now, take a look at google maps, it seems we are in the middle of the countryside and nothing else is around, even the road is a dead end one. The first part of the sentence is true, we are quite far off the center. Then the second part of the sentence is partly true: almost everything around us in under construction, with one huge factory in front of us (for computers!) and several apartment buildings in the area, together with a couple of established other factories. And the road is far from being a dead end one: it is a triple lane per direction!

It is also true the google map is not so good for this part of China: Baidu map is a little better, more updated..

This week though the power cut was for once planned in advance and Tuesday ended up being a day off. That is why today it is a working day. Hoping that the city will not decide to cut again suddenly the power..

I wonder what will happen soon that the AC system will restart because of the summer temperatures!

Difficult to work in an electronic industry company without.. electricity!!



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