Go Barça!!

30 05 2011

Even if I had been blown off from my plans for the Champion’s league final night, I had decided it would have been stupid to cancel all the plans for watching a probably good football match..

So after a reasonably good and very filling dinner with 潘蕾 at a 39rmb Brasilian bbq place (free flow German beer included) I went to Madison, probably my favorite bar in town, where I watched several world cup matches last year..

CL2001 final @ Madison

CL2001 final @ MadisonKnowing one friend was going to be there at least for a beer (but not for the night) was a good motivations for heading to the center in the night of Saturday. And it was a good choice! As usual, I like the time I spend at Madison. Easy to relax, easy to chat with people (broken English better than no English.. or talking to myself!), very nice atmosphere and very enjoyable music. Also they got now (since Melody is in Australia) two live singers. One is an extremely pretty young girl with a wonderful voice and the other one is a guy who plays the guitar and sing. A pity he only plays Chinese songs, but he is very good as well!

Always a pleasure to meet Hubert too, a friend met during the World League nights. Funny story: it was a Friday to Saturday night and  I had a 4am train to Hangzhou for an Aikido weekend. So what best place than Madison for killing the time waiting for going to the train station? Around 2am there were not many people left there waiting for the last evening match (9pm in South Africa/Europe) so I was sitting alone at a table with my beer, when Hubert told to one of the guys working at Madison, who also speaks English, to tell me to join him at his table.. And then we met several other times, in Madison, often playing dice-games.. 🙂

CL2001 final @ MadisonThe only difficult part of the evening has been the time between 00:30 and 2am. Drinking and talking with Hubert, relaxing with the music, watching some of the people always there playing pool has been a good entertainment until midnight.. Even after meeting a new guy with a strong interest of Italian football, and in particular for my same favorite team, Juventus, the last minutes before CCTV5 started sending the path of the 2 teams toward Wembley had been hard. Not falling asleep was the first priority! And the sleep disappeared completely once the TV started showing Barça and ManU matches of this year Champion’s League. Too long time since last that I watched football!

Then the match was as many saw it, everywhere in the world.. just great!

Final note: Italian super-cup between Milan AC and Inter Milan will be played in.. Beijing!!! Several Chinese are waiting for the event, and this time I am quite happy that I will be able to watch it at a normal.. time of the day!! 😉



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