Frozen bank..

1 06 2011

..boiling head!!

I managed to use the bl00dy Chinese internet bank only after several several several attempts. And for paying a completely unrealistically electricity bill, of which of course I could not get really any explanation.. language limitations.. and bureaucratic idiocy, nobody really knows anything around here..

So for paying by internet you must have a tricky USB device, that I thought it was actually a good idea, but I realized today it is actually crappy once you try a real internet payment not straight related to your bank.

Anyway, cutting short, apparently the password I remembered was not the correct one (quite weird since I was pretty sure of it) and got the damn little device frozen.. it means I have to go to the bank (with Chinese speaking help) to unlock.. and got no time.. and tired always to ask the same people (1-2 that can understand English too)..

Used twice, one success, one failure.. I think my experience with Chinese internet banking is almost at an end..

I do not put this under the funny things of the  day because the way I feel is more like…….


..but I am at work.. and I can only push down the rage..

Still I know the first going wrong tonight at home will probably lead to me destroying something.. no more laptops though (even if also the replacement one is only a pain.. windows 7 crashing several programs, inbuilt wireless included and other stuff that actually prevented me from trying the whole bank payment stuff from home with PL help..)..

Definitively a night to spend alone.. in peace..



One response

2 06 2011

but, China stopped being funny?
I still miss the funny thing of the day part :/
Hi from Trondheim!


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