Language and jokes..

4 06 2011

A comment left by a random visitor made me thinking a little bit about something I had not thought earlier.. a joke, all Italian, about this funny picture for the fuel inlet on a car..

I usually think in English, dream in English.. so much that I have forgotten some Italian words..

But today I was looking at the picture again.. the little girl looking in the boy’s pants.. and of course the Italian words came to me..

Fuel me up..

At gas station (called benzinaio in Italian, from benzina = fuel) one has to insert the fuel dispenser in the car fuel inlet. The fuel dispenser is also called “gas pump”, and once translated in Italian in common talk the word gas falls off and only pump remains, or in Italian pompa.. So the picture actually represents the place for pompa on the car..

Not so funny yet.. maybe.. but.. in Italian, pompa refers also to something completely different.. —> ◉_◉

..that’s what the girl is looking for????

This is a quite special coincidence, but I do think that several times Chinese girls, especially, wear clothes and t-shirt with sentences that they do not fully understand and “appreciate” the meaning, like:

No money No honey

I do appreciate!!!