Boredom, stress, not funny.. just a phase!

5 06 2011

A few days ago I posted a blabbering consideration about people that agreed to do things with me and then blew me off with some questionable excuses. I did not doubt that these people were telling the truth. What it is more questionable for me it is the timing of the excuse.

My dear friend Karsten commented about his experience with Italian people not holding up to their words. I admit that I am not that sure about generalizing his experience to Italian way.. OK, even being 100% Italian, I am not that typical myself, so not surprising I do not behave like in his example. But form my experience, most of my friends if we plan something for some time they do not drop off the very last moment!

Yesterday, after a frustrating day related especially to Chinese internet banking but also enhanced by some communication problems at work, again, I got another comment from another good friend in Norway saying he is missing the funny things of the day.. that were plenty especially at the beginning of my adventure.. Read the rest of this entry »