Boredom, stress, not funny.. just a phase!

5 06 2011

A few days ago I posted a blabbering consideration about people that agreed to do things with me and then blew me off with some questionable excuses. I did not doubt that these people were telling the truth. What it is more questionable for me it is the timing of the excuse.

My dear friend Karsten commented about his experience with Italian people not holding up to their words. I admit that I am not that sure about generalizing his experience to Italian way.. OK, even being 100% Italian, I am not that typical myself, so not surprising I do not behave like in his example. But form my experience, most of my friends if we plan something for some time they do not drop off the very last moment!

Yesterday, after a frustrating day related especially to Chinese internet banking but also enhanced by some communication problems at work, again, I got another comment from another good friend in Norway saying he is missing the funny things of the day.. that were plenty especially at the beginning of my adventure..

First, what I actually meant in my blown off post earlier was that maybe people here think I am a boring person, but I did not mean I am not enjoying this new life! I quite like the life here in China.. as i liked my life in Norway, with few exceptions! Being blown off or stood up from time to time is part of the game, the silly excuses though, at almost 40 y/o are the reason that make me laugh or feel uncomfortable.. depending from day or situation! I know I am moody! 🙂

As a matter of fact, I still think several times during my day that there are plenty of “funny” things, but I admit that lately the internet problems in general are giving me a hard time. Even my pictures on flickr have become a pain: apparently one of the farm servers stop working from here (only a local problem) so even if I can upload pics, then I do not see them! And I can’t use them for posts.

This weekend and next week I got the year events probably of my Aikido 2011 (cannot think now anything better could happen this year!) , together with the past 2 seminars in Shanghai (Irie sensei and Nakao sensei). But the past days I almost had no time to think about this or preparing (both luggage for tomorrow trip, and plans for Beijing and then Kyoto). I have been extremely busy at work and then mainly pi$$sed and nervous in the  evenings, when Internet was just annoying. Good think I will meet my dear aiki-friend Ulrich in Beijing (comnig from Shanghai, glad he also enjoyed Irie’s style!) and in Kyoto my other dear aiki-friends Didier (also from Shanghai) and Gaute (from Tokyo).

Anyway, I hope my good friend enjoyed some humor I posted yesterday 😉 I am trying to snatch more of these cute t-shirts pictures (especially when wore by cute-sexy-hot young Chinese girls)..




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6 06 2011

Hey! I was commenting on a relatively narrow experience: people in their early 20’s in Torino around 1992 – It would be a long shot to call that a general theory about Italians. I think all the Italians I know now tend to be very true to their word – but again they are a high-quality selectiong ;-). I have also noted that Simona has long since stopped being 10min late for appointments (as she and Lella always were the summer I met her – 1991).

I think we need to make some generalizing observations about people and cultures to understand, systemize and cope with their behaviour – but the need to be sceptical to out conclusions is equally important – and in keeping with scientific and mathematical tradition (remember the joke about the scientists conclusions on sheep in england).


7 06 2011

Man, I generalize all the time!
In fact, saying that most probably an Italian will arrive late at an appointment is basically true! We are famous for being late, the exceptions are actually confusing the others, never expecting an Italian to be on time or even early.. 🙂

Everybody generalize and I am top of the list, as you can notice reading my blog, thing I know you do! But it is always nice to be contradicted in a generalization 😉

Anyway, as you might have notice, my latest category about my own generalization is the Chinese myths one 😛


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