Busy silence..

8 06 2011

I started several posts after last weekend trip in Beijing, where I had one of the best Aikido experiences of my life.. and besides the amazing good training with Irie sensei, I met lots of people from dojos all around China like Wuhan, Xi’an, several dojos in Beijing and other places..

It was really a great time and I hope soon I will manage to visit these new people I met.

Once back home I’ve been extremely busy both at work and at home. washing and preparing for the trip I start tonight: Shanghai then tomorrow, after one night in the airport (HongQiao), Osaka.. and by train finally Kyoto.. getting there quite stress for the not so much time between checking in the hostel and going to the first session with Tissier sensei.

One night in an airport: long time since last, and first time in China! Hongqiao is very modern and new.. let’s hope I won’t have troubles, but I doubt I will sleep much: I want to leave China tomorrow with the same luggages I leave Hefei tonight!! 😉

If I get wi-fi at the airport I might be able to update the blog. Otherwise, wait for some comments/pictures from Japanese internet cafe’! Unless I’m too dead to even write on a keyboard!!!

The return to Hefei, Sunday night, is going be tough as well: China Eastern did cancel my return flight from Shanghai so I will have to take a night train.. Monday I’m certainly going to be quite smashed.. I hope happy though 😉

Anyway, aiki-hugs to everybody!!! 😀



3 responses

8 06 2011

Hug back 😉


8 06 2011

Good luck and wish you The best. Take care


9 06 2011

Have a great trip!


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