Exchange only

9 06 2011

I’m Shanghai Pudong international airport, got here yearly by first subway from Hongqiao airport, where I spent the night…. With some sleep 🙂

I thought it would have been easy to get some Japanese yen after check in and security clearance… But it was a mistake!!

I am far too spoiled by airports like Amsterdam or Frankfurt or.. Oslo probably.. where in the gate area is never a problem to find cash machine and get foreign valuta exchanging money from visa service.

All of this is not possible here, in one of the major Chinese international airport. Once you are in the gate area there is only a money exchange stand that requires cash, and cash only!!!! 😦

Very badly surprised!

All the good free time with nothing to do here… and I’ll have an extra reason for stress once in Osaka, before finding the place for the express train to Kyoto and the special cheaper ticket for that..

Unfortunately the spare time after train, get to hostel I’m Kyoto and then go to the dojo for practice is not much, if any. So sad arriving late the first session….



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