Half way through

11 06 2011

Break between Tissier sensei morning class and first session with Yasuno sensei. I came to the hostel to pick up yesterday keikogi, dry it with hair drier and have a fast shower. Now relaxing a little then crawl to the afternoon class…

Crawl yeah, because my body start feeling the hard work on the mats. Even if there are so many people that Tissier sensei had to soften up the class, still the up and down movement got the effect on my leg muscles, especially butt and upper back side of the legs. The rest if the body is still quite well, better than expected actually, given we had already 3 sessions with Tissier sensei and one with a French man called Didier B-something, probably 6th dan, at least, who has been living many tears in Japan. But he will get his own post later :-).

The level is extremely high with several foreigners and students if Tissier sensei. More black belts than people without hakama!!!

Anyway, 4 sessions done, 3 to go.

And talking about going, it’s time I walk to the beautiful Kyoto Budo center!!



2 responses

11 06 2011
Vittorio Magliola

Come on! You can rest on the plane back to China 😉


14 06 2011

That’s gotta be Didier Boyet…. Did he give you a hard time, he-he… Nice to hear you made it to Kyoto!


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