17 06 2011

First thunderstorm of the year!

Quite cool, besides the fact that Internet seems so much slower and more messed up than usual, that tons of rain are pouring down the sky, that it is Friday night and I briefly dreamed to go out to start enjoying the weekend (but with this weather there is no chance to get a taxi down here, in the Hefei “countryside”).

Last year the thunders had arrived a bit later, in July and then August, but earlier we had had some rain, different from this year that the weather had been extremely dry until a couple of weeks ago.

stormy night

Let’s hope I won’t need a boat for going tomorrow night to the center!!

pineapple beer.. FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Knowing it would have been an evening at home, I bought something to drink, something new.. something I will never drink it again, unless my life is on the line for it!! A friend told me the taste was interesting and refreshing.. never trust this friend anymore!! I tried a pineapple beer.. what a mistake!!



2 responses

17 06 2011

That is pineapple beer, my favourite beer, you dont like it??


17 06 2011

you really like it????
i think it is quite disgusting!!!
i will do some effort to drink it with you next time though 😛


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