It arrived!!

22 06 2011

THE humidity (78% at 8pm!!), the real scary part of the summer, but if it comes with less rain, I can take it.. I hope..

Hopefully it comes too with mini skirts and shorts on pretty long legs of Chinese girls 😉

Meng Meng



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25 06 2011

I happen to like pretty long legs too.


28 06 2011

A pity in fact these last days (bit more than one week) the only long pretty legs I could see were from pictures..

The weather is quite terrible, I would even say cold, if I just forget my past 15 years in Norway! Definitively though not weather for shorts and mini skirts….

Now I balance my hopes for a good summer for nice legs to watch and the fear of a.. good summer for the terrible hot and humid days that could arrive soon!!


29 06 2011

I love the blonds of Europe, however I’m afraid that my height will betray me too much when to comes to the Viking women (I’m 170cm).


29 06 2011

A little story that will make you feel better (I’m 178cm.. those 2 tiny ones make difference from an average 180!):

I had just moved to Norway as exchange student in the long past 1995 and met a good combinations of foreigners and some locals. Among the latter ones, there was a typical Viking woman, taller than me, long blonde hairs, blue eyes and reasonably strong body (the long thin legs and hot body are usually Swedish girls!)..

Anyway I do not look too much Italian myself: at that time I had very long dark blonde hairs and a funny chin beard, reddish blond (the one squatting in the picture below, of course!). Anyway one day talking with the foreigners, locals and Viking woman, one of the Nordic guys mentioned that I could have also been a Viking.. that the girl looked me squared, up and and down, and without a second thought said:

“yeah, he could be a Viking too.. a small Viking…:

😐 hit and killed in one shot!!!

Lofoten 1996


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