Hangzhou – Shanghai

24 06 2011

Special Aikido weekend starting with night train tonight to Hangzhou: Saturday in Hangzhou for teaching and Sunday in Shanghai for practice!

Hangzhou, long time no visit! Last time was before my trip to Beijing and Japan. I have already planned my session based on yokomenuchi attack and the early entrance for tori, focusing on a good attack and strong contact from uke‘s arm to tori‘s arm from the first moment that the contact is established. From this then starting with basics, like ikkyo and shihonage ura and going to some more advanced applications as kaiten nage variations could be, if not direct tenchinage or sumiotoshi. Let’s see how much I will manage to do from my plans to the real time!! 🙂

special Sunday in Hangzhou

The trip on Sunday to Shanghai is a bit more special: after quite a few years in Shanghai, Nokura sensei will move back to Japan! Very sad at this news, but quite common for large companies to transfer around their managers, especially Japanese companies. So Sunday will be officially the last keiko but sensei will be back in Shanghai at least once per months! It means that from now on I will plan my trips to Shanghai based first when Nokura sensei will be there!

The club anyway will keep on practicing with the same great spirit, because even without Nokura sensei there are still several high graded people with a very good Aikido.

with Nakao and Nokura sensei

Space Fly

24 06 2011

A wonderful composition from a very good friend of mine!

Click the picture and enjoy his stream.. among macro and HDR he is really great!!