Let the light make all the talk……

29 06 2011
Sunset @ work

Sunset at work

Sunset at Binhu

Sunset at Binhu

First tiramisu in China!

29 06 2011

Making tiramisu in HefeiSunday in Shanghai I noticed for the first time at the French baker in my friend’s compound that they were selling mascarpone!! So I decided it was time to test my magic 🙂 and see if I am still able to make my super great wonderful yummy tiramisu! (all compliments and comments commented in years of successful tiramisu making.. and eating! Thanks to mamma’s recipe passed over to several satisfied friends!!)

handheld egg mixer

So I got my mascarpone box, that stayed out of a fridge for a good 16 hours (practice and then dinner in Shanghai and then train back). It was definitively ready to be used!

Making tiramisu means also having a chance to use the hand mixer that my mother manage to find for me appositely for coming to Asia (already used once for making tiramisu in Beijing!!).

The final result might not looking like commercial cakes (but I do not think it looks like the content of the first comment.. ah.. Aussies!) and I cannot say much about the taste yet, but tonight is the trial day (I always leave it in the fridge for more than 10 hours to set!).. I am pretty sure though it will be quite ok.. at least for me! 🙂 And good motivations for trying again soon, after buying some cocoa powder in Shanghai as well (many laowai there!)

Making tiramisu in Hefei

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Knowing I had no chance to find ladyfinger biscuits (or so called Savoiardi in Italian) and of course no real marsala wine to mix with the coffee, I was already mentally prepared to compromise on several levels..

..but I admit I had not imagined that it would have been impossible to find cocoa powder!! So, with 潘蕾 help we had to improvise:

cutting chocolate bar cutting chocolate bar cutting chocolate bar