Workout & sauna

4 07 2011

So you think that finally I have decided to do something for my huge belly and burn some energies in alternative activities to my missing Aikido, right?

True: what’s better than sweating my a$$ off and have a good sauna too?

So, yesterday I decided to do that.. funny I did not need to go far from home, actually, not even out: spending the Sunday cleaning the floors, washing clothes and tiding up my place a bit..

What is the difference between Norway and China when having a relaxing Sunday at home cleaning a bit, resting a bit, not working for real?

At 2pm yesterday the difference Hefei – Stavanger was exactly 20 degrees.. (2pm here and 2pm there, not cheating!!).. 🙂 34 degrees to 20, but the humidity level was not too scary yesterday..

Good to have your own private sauna program together with the  good feelings to have cleaned a bit and relaxed much!

During the quite beautiful day (even if it was warm) I thought several times to go out for a walk, but I realized two things about my life here:

  1. Living about 1 hour by bus from the center usually kills all my good motivations in going out and enjoy the people.. also if I decide to just go out for a walk around my area, the motivations are killed at start, since walking around Nan Yan lake is ok the first 2-3 times, but then it gets quite boring (tiny lake and not even possible to walk all the way around it). When also the bus is probably completely full, AC or not, at 34 degrees outside it is easy to decide to stay at home!
  2. I got not so many friends around here to just, say, meet in town for an iced coffee and a chat during a boring Sunday afternoon.. That’s life.. but without then anything better, like say a good practice session, then sometimes it’s easy to get bored (and boredom more than loneliness was my feeling!)

Another week starts today and for the next 2-3 weekends I got Aikido plans already, so no time to be bored, quite the opposite!