Mondo via terra..

5 07 2011

I finally added the Blogroll small widget on the right side column: I noticed some friends had actually already linked my blog to theirs.. so I felt a little embarrassed I hadn’t done it yet!

The order is strictly alphabetical 😉

But I want to make a special mention for one blog of a man that managed to realize his dream (I respect those people) and make a wonderful trip: he traveled around the world, by car! In his words: “465 giorni, 108.000 chilometri, senza bucare il cielo” (465 days, 108,000 km, without touching the sky!):

Mondo Via Terra
(World by road)

The blog is unfortunately only in Italian (I think.. because it is also on blogspot, therefore blocked from China!!) but there are many pictures and as I use google for understanding Chinese, one can use it for understanding Italian, and I am sure the translation is much closer!!

I met Eddi  in Norway where he had come, of course, by car, giving a ride to a friend, Kuntz,   that was going to study as exchange student for one year in my same university, NTNU. It was the the summer of 2000 and I was still a film camera user.. I moved to digital only later, so all the pictures from him and those time are on film.. only a few got scanned..

That summer, Kuntz, Eddi and me we decided to take a long weekend and go, by car (of course, Eddy’s car) from Trondheim to Bergen via Molde and Golden route to the South and then Geiranger fjord and Trollstigveien for comnig back North, toward Andalsnes, then Trondheim. Thursday to Sunday, 3 boys, one tent, one car.. not so much money but good motivations, love for photography and good music! (Kuntz nickname is coming from Marlene Kuntz, wonderful Italian band.. I actually do not even remember his real name!!)

I got so many memories and wonderful pictures from that trip, and one of the most amazing and probably the best to describe what kind of crazy people we were is the memory of the night in Bergen.. We arrived there late afternoon. Time to find a park and have a walk in the center. It was really a beautiful afternoon, great weather, summer time. I do not remember what or where we ate, but I remember we went to a bar I had been before, called Opera cafe, very similar to the place I loved in Trondheim, and also Eddi and Kuntz liked after I took them there, the super cool (those years!) 3B bar (great music and people).

Some time later in the evening,  it was time to look for a place to put the tent.. And we discovered that around Bergen there were not many spots not classified as private house gardens!! So we took one road toward a sort of residential area out of the center, and when we got at the end of the road there were just villas surrounding a round about with the last bus stop.. It was already almost 3am.. so, what the hell, no other place: we set the tent in the round about!!!! 🙂

I remember one guy going back home after the night out in the center coming to us and asking if we wanted him to wake us up the day after when he was going to the shop..

I remember also that when we were all set, inside the tent, “ready” to sleep, still hearing some cars going back home, some horns sound to greet us, some shouts of “good night”, when the sleep was slowly coming, Kuntz (the thin one of us three, therefore sleeping in the middle.. it was a small tent!!) saying very softly, very quietly:

“Just think what a shitty way to die.. now one of these drunk Norwegians comes back home by car, and forgets there is a round about here, and drives straight through it.. us……….:


..and after 2 seconds we all broke off laughing like crazy idiots!!!!

I remember also getting out of the tent the beautiful morning after, Sunday morning, and taking a picture of Eddi sticking his head out with a surprised and curious bus driver on the background looking from the window of his bus parked at the bus stop, just a few meters on the side of the round about and our tent..

Eddi and me (and Kuntz and me) lost contacts for many years.. but these memories will never disappear.. I wonder if and what they remember..

All these memories are pictures I have somewhere, probably in Trondheim.. and one day I have to scan.. for sure they are pictures in my mind, my memory..

As Eddi did collect all his adventures on a wonderful blog, and then he wrote a book and was several times on TV or at special events. So, if you got questions or just interested in talking to him, find him on FB.. or leave a message on his blog..

Best reward for a good man with a young heart that step into his dream and work it out to reality!

Toasty night

5 07 2011

Last night I slept on the tatami mats on my little Aikido room, with the electric fan on for most of the night, windows open everywhere in the house, just to form some little draft and hoping in some air movement!!

Look at the humidity chart (bottom): yesterday it had been raining, but not continuously during the night, quite the opposite. Heavy rain at 6pm and then around midnight, but then during the night little rain, just hanging humidity… and 26 degrees as minimum!!

toasty night