Happy 40th Chinese birthday.. to me!

6 07 2011

Yeah, my birthday today.. and yeah, according to the Chinese way of counting age I turn 40.. not 39, even if I was born in 1972!

It is an East Asian tradition to count the age from 1 year as soon as the child is born: during the first year of life the child is 1, not 0 years old. Therefore at the first birthday the child turns 2. Why is that? Different explanations, one is that they count the time in the mother’s belly as the first “year” of life.. (and in China, the pregnancy time is also “longer”.. check the funny thing here!)

It would certainly be a good tradition for who sells the candle for birthday cakes if using Asian rules, but on the cakes, since it is a Western tradition, they follow the Western age system as well.. 🙂

Last year the birthday came with rage, this year, since I actually got 2 years older I wonder how more mature I am!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – A friend told me that the 6th of July is also the: International Kissing Day!! Good I like to kiss.. and be kissed!!



4 responses

6 07 2011

Respect! 🙂


6 07 2011
Karwan Rush

Happy 39th/40th birthday dear friend, pick one or both of the years:) Hope you are doing well with life, job, and last but not least, your Aikido



6 07 2011

TANTI AUGURI! + baci, – anni!:)


7 07 2011

Happy 40th in here as well! (and again next year!}


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