Difficult break-fall!

7 07 2011

What is the most challenging break-fall technique to take, as uke?

Tell me what you think, here!

For me, almost always iriminage.. my break-fall ukemi really sucks!

Of course there are 2 major exceptions:

  • a partner a little unsure of how to perform a shihonage  throw with break-fall that half way through the movement, just when giving the feeling of a proper throw (so that you as uke feel comfortable to prepare and move the body for break-fall) suddenly decides to.. release your arm completely.. I experienced also the quite badly surprising feeling of tori releasing completely my arm the exact moment I was becoming airborne..  and with the contact also the good safe feeling I like to give and receive at least at the beginning of a throw suddenly was gone..
  • the opposite kind of partner, that for jujinage thinks it is much better for uke if tori does balance a hard throw, a forward projection, by keeping a very tight hold on both arms! Jujinage when tori keeps the grip is always a little uncomfortable, but whe nthe grip is kept and a throw is performed becomes suddenly very painful as well!!

The discussion in the comments session is actually more interesting.. but as I say there, I do not mean which technique is more scary for you as uke, but in which one your ukemi comes less natural.. even if my 2 examples above are about “scary moments”.. 🙂