Difficult break-fall!

7 07 2011

What is the most challenging break-fall technique to take, as uke?

Tell me what you think, here!

For me, almost always iriminage.. my break-fall ukemi really sucks!

Of course there are 2 major exceptions:

  • a partner a little unsure of how to perform a shihonage  throw with break-fall that half way through the movement, just when giving the feeling of a proper throw (so that you as uke feel comfortable to prepare and move the body for break-fall) suddenly decides to.. release your arm completely.. I experienced also the quite badly surprising feeling of tori releasing completely my arm the exact moment I was becoming airborne..  and with the contact also the good safe feeling I like to give and receive at least at the beginning of a throw suddenly was gone..
  • the opposite kind of partner, that for jujinage thinks it is much better for uke if tori does balance a hard throw, a forward projection, by keeping a very tight hold on both arms! Jujinage when tori keeps the grip is always a little uncomfortable, but whe nthe grip is kept and a throw is performed becomes suddenly very painful as well!!

The discussion in the comments session is actually more interesting.. but as I say there, I do not mean which technique is more scary for you as uke, but in which one your ukemi comes less natural.. even if my 2 examples above are about “scary moments”.. 🙂




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7 07 2011

like Tissier said to my tori the other week “see, if I can trust my uke to take care of himself taking ukemi, then I can express myself fully. Now with her, YOU can express yourself. Go on!”.

I guess the same is true of uke trusting tori to throw him/her safely. I find it sometimes difficult (or totally revert to ushiro ukemi} if I feel uncomfortable with the tori’s ability. While with others, even jujinage or koshinage feel natural and fun to ukemi.

so for me it’s more in the relationship with the particular partner, rather than which technique I have to take ukemi from.

Hugs, Jac


7 07 2011

Still, consider a good partner you have good connection with, then, think again, and you see that there is for sure one of these technique that is more demanding..

unless in this time I haven’t see you, you have improved so much to get to.. Tissier sensei’s demonstration uke level.. 😉

All have techniques or movements more challenging, even with the best throw: for me, even with Jorma throwing me, iriminage remains the most challenging.. while for jujinage and shihonage, i do not have really problems to perform, from any throw I experienced (again referring to advanced partners that give good feeling!)..

..but maybe you got such a high level now that nothing challenge you anymore?

Good for you and your students! 😉


7 07 2011

Thinking more about this, I am quite comfortable about my ukemi, but when it comes break-fall from iriminage I know I look lie an idiot, most of the time.

Jorma helped me a lot trying and trying more, working on the way to set my body as uke and very often he was throwing, so the best partner ever for me..

And still, I think that one of the best break-fall ukemi from iriminage was my first seminar with Endo sensei in Shanghai! He really threw me hard and I felt the body blending completely, without any need of adapting to the action.. when usually I am a little tense with Endo sensei! 🙂


7 07 2011

indeed, if with say, a same good partner with a good connection… I suppose it would be jujinage that would scare me the most – but, come to think of it, it was actually jujinage we were doing in the episode above, and he was an excellent tori, I felt really safe and I suppose I fell all right (might not have been so with a different tori} – which means, it was tori making me feel safe, relax and have a good enough flight and landing, and not necessarily me being that good at ukemi’ing a jujinage…

Iriminage… well still learning, and as you say, Jorma (and his students} are a tremendous help with that particular technique! and many others. I do appreciate Jorma more and more!


7 07 2011

Oh, I think I actually expressed myself not so good.. as usual!
My examples of not feeling great with the partner were indeed invoking and involving fear in the fall!

But what I meant as demanding fall for uke, I did not mean fearsome falls: I am not afraid of iriminage, but I feel my body is all but round.. it is more like a brick all corners and stiffness.. so it does not fit properly in the throw to make the technique+throw complete..

True that actually jujinage can be scary, but ukemi itself is actually quite free and easy, I think. Much easier than, for me, iriminage! 🙂


30 08 2011

Working to overcome my fear and become natural with my break falls…


30 08 2011

Good to read other Aikidokas point of view about our beloved breakfalls.. and using the hands has been part of my learning and teaching for a long time!

Apparently I have been misunderstood (again) about my post: I am not really talking about fear (but it was a good chance to get your link, so thanks!). Especially since I am not afraid of breakfall!! 🙂

But still I have my limits, and the post was about your limits.. but maybe everyone out there has great breakfalls from every throws! Of course it depends a lot about your partner technique when throwing you!


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